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Sumo Sumo

A game about fighting and speed boats

I worked as the design lead on this project and created pretty much all of the gameplay animations.
It's a wacky game about sumos jumping on top of each other in huge wobbly stacks and fighting each other.

It was a lot of fun working with the programmers to come up with a technical solution for the Sumo stacks and making all the animations work together without completely crashing the device of whoevers playing the game.

Play for yourself!


Snakes snakes snakes

I worked as the main animator on this project and is responsible for all but a few animations.

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Snow and exotic fruits in a fantastic mix

My first game at Elk. I was responsible for the feature symbol animations and big wins as well as a lot of the general polish as i spent time after the rest of the team had left the project working on polish and timings.

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Stars of Orion

Something about stars, Orion and Stone Henge

I worked with all of the symbol animations as well as a lot of the feature posting and general timings.

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