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Alfons Åberg

Lek ABC, Alfons Åberg


Alfie Character

In-game footage of the rigged Alfie character that I illustrated and animated. There are about 12 different animations and a system set up in Unity to randomize between different ones depending on where in the game he is showing up.

Animations done using a rig in Maya and exported to Unity.
Illustrated textures with sprite swap used for hands, eyes and mouth.

Characters In Room

There are multiple characters in the room area. I set up a system so that the game chooses randomly between different characters to appear whenever the scene reloads. The characters play a looping idle animation and a reaction animation when clicked.

Drawn in photoshop and animated in Unity.

Completion Cinematics

Wordmachine Completion

Letter Tracing Completion

Loading Screen

Alfie turn animation used in the loading screens of the game.
Drawn and animated frame by frame in Photoshop.



50x70cm poster. 16 prints made.


A2 print created for and auctioned out at webhallens charity project Streamhjälpen with all earnings donated to Musikhjälpen. The theme of the charity was "Children are not for sale"

Sword of Sight

Hammer for smashing

High and lowpoly models made using Maya. Highpoly to lowpoly bake in Marmoset and textured using Substance Painter

Sword of sight

High and lowpoly models made using Maya. Highpoly to lowpoly bake in Xnormal and textured using Substance Painter