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Slot Games

Under Construction

I am currently working on adding things to this page so there's more to come. But feel free to look at the game projects already added.

Hula Balua

Lots of fruits and spine animations

Fruits merging and spine animated characters doing magic


Play for yourself!


Elmo in the game

Merging of symbols

Sticky Redrops Idle

Sticky Redrops Activation

Elmo Idle Animations

Sticky Redrops & Merging Symbols

Sumo Sumo

Sumos stacking and fighting in the game

A game about fighting and speed boats

I worked as the design lead on this project and created pretty much all of the gameplay animations.
It's a wacky game about sumos jumping on top of each other in huge wobbly stacks and fighting each other.

It was a lot of fun working with the programmers to come up with a technical solution for the Sumo stacks and making all the animations work together without completely crashing the device of whoevers playing the game.

Play for yourself!

Bonus game round


Snakes snakes snakes

I worked as the main animator on this project and is responsible for all but a few animations. Creating the animation system for the snakes was one of the most challenging, as well as most fun, parts of the project. Me and the programmers worked closely together throughout the project to find a simple, tweakable solution within the limitations of the engine. The game had to be snappy, concidering the long game rounds, while keeping it clear for the player what is happening on screen.

Try it out here!

Gameplay with multiple snake features


Snow and exotic fruits in a fantastic mix

My first game at Elk. I was responsible for the feature symbol animations and big wins as well as a lot of the general polish as i spent time after the rest of the team had left the project working on polish and timings.

Check it out!

Stars of Orion

Something about stars, Orion and Stone Henge

I worked with all of the symbol animations as well as a lot of the feature posting and general timings.

Play it here!

Orka Plugga

Orka Plugga


Motion Graphics

Some of the videos i made while working with Orka Plugga at UR. The project focused on teaching kids from grade 7-9 study techniques through social media channels (Youtube, Instagram and Facebook)

I was a part of the whole process, from concept to finished video.
I made all the graphics, animations, as well as some of the voiceover work in the videos.

Made using After effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and Blender

Alfons Åberg

Lek ABC, Alfons Åberg


Alfie Character

In-game footage of the rigged Alfie character that I illustrated and animated. There are about 12 different animations and a system set up in Unity to randomize between different ones depending on where in the game he is showing up.

Animations done using a rig in Maya and exported to Unity.
Illustrated textures with sprite swap used for hands, eyes and mouth.

Characters In Room

There are multiple characters in the room area. I set up a system so that the game chooses randomly between different characters to appear whenever the scene reloads. The characters play a looping idle animation and a reaction animation when clicked.

Drawn in photoshop and animated in Unity.

Completion Cinematics

Wordmachine Completion

Letter Tracing Completion

Loading Screen

Alfie turn animation used in the loading screens of the game.
Drawn and animated frame by frame in Photoshop.



50x70cm poster. 16 prints made.


A2 print created for and auctioned out at webhallens charity project Streamhjälpen with all earnings donated to Musikhjälpen. The theme of the charity was "Children are not for sale"

Sword of Sight

Hammer for smashing

High and lowpoly models made using Maya. Highpoly to lowpoly bake in Marmoset and textured using Substance Painter

Sword of sight

High and lowpoly models made using Maya. Highpoly to lowpoly bake in Xnormal and textured using Substance Painter